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Towers Group is a member of the following Government Standing Offer Panels:

Download: Towers Group Approved Skill Sets on Government Standing Offer Panels

  • Defence Services Support (DSS) Panel for all of the Centers of Expertise (CoE’s). Towers can be engaged across the following discipline areas:
    1. Project Management Services
    2. Engineering and Technical Services
    3. Material Logistics Services
    4. Commercial Services
    5. Corporate Performance Services
    6. Authoring and Writing Services
  • Research, Scientific, Engineering and Other Technical (ReSET) Services Standing Offer Panel, under the following skill categories:
    1. Analysis
    2. Communications Engineering
    3. Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Fabrication
    4. Electronic Warfare and Radar Technologies
    5. Material Science
    6. Mechanical Engineering
    7. Naval Platform Engineering
    8. Structures and Materials Testing and Engineering
    9. Systems Engineering and Analysis
    10. Trial Management Support
  • Australian Defence Simulation Support Services Panel for all skills and labour categories. Towers has a strong network of modelling and simulation specialists available to support Defence projects and requirements.
  • The Australian Federal Police (AFP) Capability Support Services Panel.

Towers Group is a member of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP).

Towers Group maintains a strong focus in the following fields:


Project Management

Towers Group has a reputation for managing major projects to successful delivery in a diverse range of areas, including Defence Capability Projects, construction, research programs, organisational change, and capability development.

The Towers team are experts in managing stakeholders and developing a clear understanding of organisational processes, procedures and capabilities. Towers Consultants have proven ability in maintaining management control in complex, uncertain environments and rapidly evolving situations.

Towers Group has access to highly trained and experienced Project Management discipline specialists, holding Masters degree in Project Management and qualifications and experience in various Project Management methodologies, such as PRINCE2 and PMBOK.

Recent Projects supported by Towers Group include:

  • SEA1000 Future Submarine Science and Technology Program.
  • Next Generation Technology Fund.
  • Land 400 Phase 2 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability.
  • Land 121 – Vehicle Replacement Project.

Capability Development for large Defence projects is a complex area. The Towers team understand that to realise a capability involves a balanced approach addressing all fundamental inputs.

Towers Group works with its clients to define and understand the capability needs and functional requirements in order to accurately develop solutions. Towers Consultants have vast experience working on Government capability development projects.


Commercial Services

Towers is experienced in the provision of commercial support services for Defence Capability Projects. Highly skilled team members have fulfilled a multitude of commercial support functions to enable more effective control, financial management and compliance of large projects, including:

  • The Integrated Soldier System Program.
  • Various activities within the SEA1000 Future Submarine Science and Technology program

Towers is very experienced in the application of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) in support of Defence Projects and is experienced in the use of the ASDEFCON contracting templates. Key commercial functions offered by Towers Group include:

  • Conduct Financial Management activities to support various program requirements.
  • Develop tender documentation and procurement policies to assist project progression.
  • Compile and coordinate weekly, quarterly and annual reports (including financial reports), tailored to support project/program/organisation requirements.
  • Forecasting and expenditure analysis to support executive decision-making processes.
  • Assisting and coordinating RFT development and procurement activities.
  • Develop and utilise financial reporting tools.
  • Provide training for staff to develop the financial accounting, management and reporting processes.

Science & Technology

Towers Group is adept at providing technical specialists in the Research and Development space. This diverse and challenging environment is a rewarding and satisfying area to work in. Research and Development activities are constantly evolving where requirements are fluid and rarely defined. A flexible approach is required to maximise potential solutions and maintain the ability to think outside the box. Towers Group enjoys the opportunity to solve complex problems where no precedent exists. 

Towers Group has a history of providing tailored solutions to meet the demands of the R&D environment in order for the broader team to provide cutting edge technology to Government capability.

Towers Group provides a range of science and technology support services to Defence Science and Technology Group on the following projects:

  • SEA1000 Future Submarine Science and Technology Program (Materials Science, Research Engineering, Physics, Aerospace Engineering).
  • The Hawk Lead in Fighter Program (structural fatigue analysis)
  • The Small Engine Test House Program (integration and electrical engineering support).


Towers Group has a reputation for delivery and execution in various Engineering Fields. Towers Group’s core expertise resides predominately in the following engineering disciplines:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Communications and Network Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering

Recent key projects, include:

  • Hawk Lead in Fighter Program
  • Land 53-1BR Night Vision Capability replacement
  • Land 159/4108 Lethality Program
  • Land 200 Battlefield Command Systems Program
  • Protected Mobility Integration and Capability Assurance Program.

Through robust stakeholder engagement processes, Towers establishes requirements and develops quality Engineering solutions tailored to your needs.


Material Logistics Support

Towers Group provides Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) to Defence Programs with its team of consultants possessing decades of experience in the Defence Logistic environment and also in wider commercial sectors. Towers is currently providing support to the Integrated Soldier Systems Program.


Human Resources

Towers Group has a unique understanding of the importance of Human Resources and the requirement to ensure your team is well trained and well supported. Our services include developing policies and procedures, working with your team to discover their true ability and assisting with your organisation meeting your HR obligations.