Engage Towers Services

Towers can be engaged directly by Commonwealth clients via the various Government Standing Offer Panels that we are a member of:

  1. The Defence Service Support (DSS) Panel
  2. The Research, Scientific, Engineering and Other Technical (ReSET) Services Panel
  3. The Australian Defence Simulation Support Services Panel
  4. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) Capability Support Services Panel.

Defence Services Support (DSS) Panel

Towers has been successful in obtaining membership on the DSS Panel for 46 Skillsets over all six (6) Centres of Expertise (CoEs).

(Please click to show Towers approved Skillsets under each CoE).

1.1 Program & Product Management Services & Support
1.2 Project Management Services & Support
1.3 Project Risk & Issue Management
1.4 Project Schedule Management
1.5 Transition Management
1.9 Life-Cycle Costing (LCC)
1.10 Project Costing Services

2.1 Systems and Software Engineering – Systems Engineering
2.2 Systems and Software Engineering – Systems Architecture / Integration
2.3 Systems and Software Engineering – Software Engineering
2.4 Systems and Software Engineering – Testing and Evaluation (including verification and validation)
2.10 Specialist Engineering – Radar Systems (Engineering)
2.13 Specialist Engineering – Communications Network Engineering
2.14 Specialist Engineering – Communications Engineering (RF/Tactical)
2.15 Specialist Engineering – Guided Weapons Engineering
2.17 Specialist Engineering – Integration Engineering
2.18 Specialist Engineering – Naval Architecture
2.19 Specialist Engineering – Submarine Systems
2.20 Specialist Engineering – Maritime Systems
2.21 Specialist Engineering – Mechanical Engineering
2.22 Specialist Engineering – Electrical/Power
2.23 Specialist Engineering – Electronic Warfare Self Protection
2.25 Specialist Engineering – Capability Definition Documents Development
2.27 Specialist Engineering – Reliability, Availability, Maintainability

3.1 Integrated Logistics Support Management
3.2 Supply Chain Analysis and Inventory Optimisation and Planning
3.6 Facilities Requirement Analysis and Planning
3.7 Facilities Program Governance and Delivery Support

4.1 Strategic Business Advice
4.2 Procurement Methodologies & Contracting Options & Tender Development
4.3 Procurement Evaluation Support
4.5 Contract Management & Contract Performance

5.3 Quality Management: Policy and Practices
5.4 Quality Management: Theory and Principles
5.6 Quality Management: Quality Management System Development
5.9 Learning System Development and Management Services
5.10 Learning and Development (L&D) Analysis Services
5.11 Learning and Development (L&D) Design and Development Services
5.12 Learning and Development (L&D) Implementation and Administration Services
5.14 Learning and Development (L&D) Evaluation Services
5.15 Capacity Planning Services
5.16 Workforce Information Technology System
5.17 Workforce Intelligence

6.1 Doctrine Publication Authoring Support
6.2 General Authoring & Writing Services
6.3 Technical – Publication Authoring

Research, Scientific, Engineering and Other Technical (ReSET) Services Standing Offer Panel

Towers is an approved supplier under the following skillset categories:

    1. Analysis
    2. Communications Engineering
    3. Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Fabrication
    4. Electronic Warfare and Radar Technologies
    5. Material Science
    6. Mechanical Engineering
    7. Naval Platform Engineering
    8. Structures and Materials Testing and Engineering
    9. Systems Engineering and Analysis
    10. Trial Management Support

Australian Federal Police (AFP) Capability Support Services Standing Offer Panel

Towers is an approved supplier under the following skillset categories:

  1. Operational Capability Supplementary
  2. Engineering and Technical Services

Defence Simulation Support Services Standing Offer Panel: Towers Group Approved Skillsets

Towers is an approved supplier under the following skillset categories: 

  1. Modelling and Simulation (M&S) Simulation Policy, Governance, Planning and Project development
  2. M&S technical concept development, technology innovation and standards integration.
  3. M&S application development and management
  4. M&S Integration and Interoperability
  5. Specialised Simulation Support

Towers Group is a member of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP).

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Career & Opportunities

Towers Group is always looking to build and foster high quality teams and service providers for our clients.

Our employment philosophies are:

  • Ensure our team members are focussed on our clients needs by ensuring that their needs are being taken care of.
  • Team members are able to achieve their short, medium and long term goals working with Towers Group.
  • Offering opportunities to grow and develop.
  • Offering the ability to set their work pace through flexible and tailored management.