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Towers Group successful for inclusion to the Defence Services Support (DSS) Panel


Towers has been successful in gaining membership to the DSS Panel for all of the Centers of Expertise (CoE’s). Towers can be engaged across the following discipline areas:

  1. Project Management Services,
  2. Engineering and Technical Services,
  3. Material Logistics Services,
  4. Commercial Services,
  5. Corporate Performance Services, and
  6. Authoring and Writing Services.

Towers can support a broad range of skills and services for its Defence clients and maintains a strong presence in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

Towers was successful in achieving DSS Panel membership for 46 of the 79 Skills sets which is an outstanding result for a small business. Please get in contact to see how we can support you.

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Tania Holmes – 3D Tracking Objects Help Save Lives


Tania Holmes, one of our highly innovative Towers team members, has been featured in a Defence Science and Technology Group Connections article:

Defence researcher Tania Holmes starts her technology pitch at the 2016 Future Land Force Conference by popping a balloon.

“A lot can happen in just milliseconds,” she tells the audience.

“Time hides things. That sound you heard was only 2 milliseconds in duration, but critical events were unfolding over that time.”

“During a landmine event, whether a person lives, dies or is injured is mostly determined within the first 2 to 20 milliseconds – roughly the same time as the balloon pop.”

It’s a startling and effective way of explaining the importance of capturing the high-speed events and then slowing them down for analysis.

“By filming at high-speed we can get within that timeframe and watch those events unfold,” Holmes explains.

“But normal video has its limitations – it shows us what happened in one plane. To witness the event in multiple planes we need to film it in multiple dimensions.”

See the full article here:


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Dr Long Nguyen receives Innovation Award


At the recent 2016 Land Forces Event in Adelaide, Dr Long Nguyen was awarded for his research in predicting how polyethelene armour performs under ballistic impacts.

Dr Long Nguyen breakthrough

Long has completed ground breaking work as part of the Vehicle Survivability group at DSTG - the citation reads:

"Ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene fibre-reinforced composite is a new and promising material for ballistic and blast protection. In this work, a new physics-based mathematical model was developed, providing for the first time a fundamental understanding of the penetration mechanisms of thick UHMW polyethylene composite under impact. This model also allows accurate and rapid estimates of the ballistic performance to be made for armour design applications. A new computation simulation technique was also developed using a unique material discretisation method that captures the response of the material to ballistic impact. This enables accurate predictions of performance, deformation and damage for a wide range of impact conditions. For the first time, these models provide engineers with valid design tools to develop armour systems incorporating UHMW polyethylene composite. This work is critical to the development of future armoured vehicles and is fundamental to saving lives in future Australian Defence and coalition deployments."

We are extremely proud of our team and the fantastic work they are doing to enhance the ADF and its operations.

Congratulations Long!


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Towers Group inclusion on ReSET Panel


Towers Group was recently notified of its successful inclusion on the DSTO Research, Scientific, Engineering & Other Technical Services (ReSET) Standing Offer Panel under the following skill categories:

Communications Engineering
Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Fabrication
Electronic Warfare and Radar Technologies
Material Science
Mechanical Engineering
Naval Platform Engineering
Structures and Materials Testing and Engineering
Systems Engineering and Analysis
Trial Management Support

This inclusion on the ReSET Panel opens up a number of exciting opportunities for our team members in the Defence Science and Technology industry. We are looking forward to working with the CoA to provide exceptional candidates in these areas.

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Establishment of New Test Facilities for DST Group


Towers Group managed this multi-million dollar program to support the Defence Science and Technology Group’s research and development activities as part of the Future Submarine Program. Towers Group provided a Project Manager, Project Support Officer and a Mechanical Engineer to undertake a broad range of functions in the management, administrative and technical support to this program. A key enabling activity was to establish new test facilities in support of the Science and Technology effort.

This involved developing the concept, requirements and detailed engineering design for the test facilities. Towers Consultants were subsequently responsible for the coordination of procurement activities for the fit out, commissioning of facilities, and oversee the delivery of all works.

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Capability Definition Documents and Capability Proposals for large Defence projects


Towers Consultants have experience in delivering niche support to progressing large projects within the government approval framework. To date, Towers Consultants have been integral contributors to multiple Department of Defence projects, especially during the needs and requirements phase.

Projects include a range of close-hold Special Forces Projects, Land 125 Soldier Systems, Land 53-1BR Night Fighting Equipment, Land 154 Route Clearance Capability, and Land 75 Battlefield Command Systems.

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